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The pedal fell off

Posted on Jun 17, 2015 | 2 comments

The right tools for the job

We were cycling back from summer club, I stopped to briefly check that child #2 was ok in the trailer and looked up and noticed that I had lost child #1. I did not panic, as this happens to me frequently. I like to think that this is a test of my special parenting superanalytical skills … Deep breath, right, where were we? Cycle slowly back the way we were going thinking calmly about what clues have been given in the conversation we had in the 10 mins?

  1. Question about why blue tits are actually mainly yellow.. Nope nothing there…
  2. Mum why does that man’s tummy hang over his trousers, has he been eating too much crap? Oh dear…
  3. Something about an ice cream, therefore he’s probably decided to go to the shop

Ah yes here he is trying to persuade the shopkeeper that he can buy that ice lolly with 23 English pence and not the 7 kronor that it actually costs…

Ice lolly bought and consumed, we go to set off again, but he announces that this will be a problem as the bike is minus one pedal. The left one. He says don’t worry we can ring Dad, I say why do we need to ring Dad? And he says (deadly serious), well Mum he’s just a bit more technological than you isn’t he? Well, my feminist sensibilities are enraged, but I say, well Dad is in a meeting and I’m sure we can cope to screw a pedal back in.

Famous last words.

10 minutes later and with a running commentary along the lines of: it would have been quicker if we walked Mum; don’t worry Mum, Dad can fix it when he gets home; why don’t we ask that man over there to help us Mum? (pointing at a boy of about 17 changing fuses in lampposts); Mum can I go back to the shop and get another ice cream while I wait for you? Etc etc, I eventually manage to half screw the pedal back in. I instruct him not to pedal ‘too hard’ and we proceed slowly towards home. We make it almost all the way into the block, but the offending pedal falls off in the road outside.

I am determined that I will fix the pedal and while I am at it I will raise the saddle and seat and show the boy that Mummy can fix stuff too. I have given him a lecture on this on the way home, and he just says I know other Mummies can, but you aren’t very good at that sort of thing are you? Harumph.

I get the tools out and put them down on the patio to survey which ones I need. I can do this!



  1. I’ve only just seen this – looks like you badged up but didn’t link which is a shame 😀

    I live in constant fear of losing a child and neither are old enough for bikes.

    Love their faith in you! Pfff. Dry bread for tea! #chucklemums

    • I think I was having a nightmare internet day!!! I’ll try and link up again this week.

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