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The (amended) 4 gift rule

Posted on Dec 9, 2015 | 1 comment

I was googling present ideas for inspiration for the boys and came across several posts about the 4 gift rule. It’s kind of the ‘thing’ this year for Christmas. You are supposed to get something to wear, something to read, something you want and something you need. I read lots of comments and articles about this and encounter lots of positivity, but, but, but, also… I have already bought little Tyson/Portia/Vladimir 32 gifts from Santa and 23 from us and I think I need to get more because they should be equal numbers. So maybe next year…

I get cold sweats reading this stuff. I hate getting my kids to ask for things. I am awful and ungracious when people ask me what they should buy them. I usually say nothing, or a goat from Oxfam, or a trip out next time we see you because they have sooooo much lovely stuff already… But, I talk to the boys about this 4 present rule and they kinda like it, only instead of something to wear, they think I say share and then proceed to discuss gifts they could ask for which they can use /play with together. My stress dissipates a bit. Sharing is a concept I can cope with. So, I don’t correct them. I mean, something you need could be something to wear right? Good. Ok.

And then I find my husband has also adopted the rule and applied it to me. But I have not done the same thus far for him and now have to re-think (bring on more cold sweats). OH MY GOD! It is a blessing that my brother and his wife bought me out a large bottle of gin recently so I can have a large one while calming down, trying to collect my thoughts and then frantically searching online for solutions. Here’s the result:

Share: a lie-in (til at least 5.30)

Read: a leather bound set of all my blogs (who wouldn’t?)

Want: me to be happy on Christmas day, so will do all cooking and mediation over broken lego models (in an ideal world)

Need: coasters with pictures of me on them (to take to work so he can show his colleagues how beautiful I am)

That works well, right?

1 Comment

  1. I think some improvement on the read/wear/need/want maybe in order. Feels a little lacking somehow Dunno, its maybe just me perhaps. I mean, the want is a given, as to be honest, we all want a nice Christmas dinner…

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