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Squelchy school pick up

Posted on Feb 6, 2019 | 0 comments

For those of you who have been missing our exploits – here we are again.

Yesterday the kid and I decided that we would walk along a path we discovered ages ago to pick the boy up from school. The school is about 2.5km away along the road, so we left in plenty of time to allow for any unforeseen incidents (surely not possible, I hear you cry).
The path goes round the back of the golf course where we live and heads towards the village where the boy’s school is. After 20 minutes we get to the golf course and the path is a little squelchy underfoot. But we see a kestrel perching on a tree and hear an unidentified but interesting bird in the marshland. It is all worth it (we are easily pleased). The kid has his boots on, so he is fine. I have stupidly worn my all terrain trainer thingies. Not designed for sogginess. We proceed round the back of the course and through a path lined with huge reeds. It gets soggier underfoot. I realise the path may have not been such a good idea after all. Fear not Mummy! says the kid, we can put poo bags on the front of our shoes. Genius! This works for approximately 3.5 seconds and then they fall off. And we are now ankle deep in black, freezing cold water. The kid suggests we go back. I check the time and realise we must press on or we will be late for picking up the boy. The soggy poo bags are retrieved and we plough on. The kid is now up to mid calf in said black freezing water which smells a bit now. But hurrah! We see houses at the back of the village. The end is in sight. Only the path goes round to the right and not to the left towards the houses. Never mind I reassure him, it’ll be one of those windy paths and will get there eventually. Only of course, it doesn’t and it actually comes out on the other side of the bloody golf course we started on.

I say bad words.

The kid gets panicked as we will be late to pick the boy up. I ring my 77 year old Dad and summarise the situation. Crying with laughter he heads out of the door to get the bus to pick up the boy as he, very sensibly, did not go for a walk in a smelly freezing bog on a Tuesday afternoon and in fact stayed in his nice warm house. There is a lesson there somewhere…

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