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Sod veganuary, save the diet til February

Posted on Jan 26, 2016 | 0 comments

Whilst I have the utmost respect and admiration for all those people who been principled and have given up hot chocolate with frothy cream and replaced it with some sort of almond and soya based product instead for veganuary, it is not for me.

First up, because I am not disciplined enough. I mean, when the toddler gets up in the night and you have 4 hours sleep and still have to work all day, 2 great big fat croissants smothered in butter and jam is what you need, yes? What? I should eat Chia seed oatmeal? I don’t bloody think so.

Also, because January is stressful enough as it is, I mean we are all skint right? My kids call January leftover month. We generally eat what we’ve got and only buy fruit and dairy (imagine not having cheese on the 3rd bowl of pasta you eat in a week?); We have headaches from our children playing with those incredibly noisy toys that Uncle Jack bought them for Christmas which we are praying that the battery will die on soon; AND… all the twinkly lights have gone. Bah humbug.

I know that we generally gorge ourselves at Christmas and eat much more of everything than we should, and I know that veganuary is probably a really good idea for me, my skin is horrid, I have put on 2kg and I am living in leggings. But it is cold/wet/dark (delete as appropriate), I like sitting on the sofa eating homemade chips and drinking beer. I admit it, for me, January is about being a sloth. I am knackered. I cannot be bothered.

From now on, I will start my new year in February. I like February, it’s shorter, gets you to spring much more quickly and always seems a bit brighter. I might even make a new year’s resolution to do something healthy for my new New Year. Suggestions welcome… (nothing too racy though, or which has seeds in it).

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