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Lollies and the late night kettle vigil

Posted on Nov 15, 2015 | 0 comments

It is late and I have – as usual – left a whole load of things that need doing right til the last minute. So I am sitting up working and finishing things off while the rest of the family sleeps.

The only thing that keeps me going during these late night/early morning sessions is tea and sugar based products. So, I find myself every 45 mins or so, standing by the kettle waiting for it to boil. I have to physically stand by it, because if I don’t, I invariably wander off, get distracted by something else and end up having to re-boil the kettle 15 minutes later. During that 15 minutes I will not have done any work, instead I may have popped to the loo for a quick wee, noticed the tumble dryer has finished, taken the washing out, got distracted by something else, then remembered I am supposed to be working, gone and sat back at the computer, started typing, heard the cat meowing to get in, got up to let the cat in, noticed my mug by the kettle and off we go again on the never-ending tea making, doing bugger-all work cycle.

Tonight, I was partaking of the usual kettle vigil and thinking that a bit of a nibble might just help my thought processes. I remembered that our recent visitors had come bearing gifts in the shape of a multi pack of Maltesers… it is sooo good to have chocolate from home (thank you Olga Walford). Luckily, I do not have to leave the kettle as they are in the top cupboard above it, or at least they were… now, they seem to have mysteriously disappeared along with the Cadbury’s animal biscuits and stash of lollies courtesy of the Pizza shop man next door. I look at the clock, 8 minutes til the shop closes, if I leg it, I’ll make it. But, then I think, I have already been in there 4 times today, I suspect my barminess will be confirmed if I go again. But what if I send my husband? Then I won’t have to look like the local crazy forgetful lady…  But I can’t possibly wake him up just to go to the shop for me for chocolate and biscuits. He will be monumentally cross. I could have got away with this when I was pregnant, but not now… So I leave it, and lament the lack of sugar.

I manage about half an hour of work and go to print off my efforts to check boring things like alignment. An ideal opportunity to make a cuppa… but then 9 sheets in the printer starts beeping, so I am forced to leave the kettle and return to the printer, which has run out of paper, I open the cupboard to get more out and there, on the bottom shelf in a carrier bag is the packet of lollies, not eaten, but stashed away by me in a safe place. I have forgotten the tea already and sit on the floor munching away happily. No popping to the shop required after all…

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