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It’s a dog’s life

Posted on Sep 8, 2016 | 0 comments

It’s all gone a bit crazy. A bit of an idea to earn some much needed cash has turned into a fully fledged business in less than 3 months with me working full time and turning down work. Yes. Bonkers.

I have been doing a bit of dogsitting and walking for a while, and thought I would advertise to see if I could pick up any more. A 2 line advert on a website has meant 13 customers, a complex schedule and a grumpy 5 year old who is having to come to work with me on Fridays instead of go to the playgroup 🙁

As I know everyone must be missing the updates from the house of chaos, I am thinking of giving a weekly update.

Something like this:

(So far this week)

Km walked: 67

Km run: 7 (not good as I am running the halfmarathon on saturday)

Km cycled: 22

Given all the exercise you’d think I look like a pencil, but no…

Takeaways eaten: 2

Proper meals eaten: 0

Sandwiches eaten: 6

Injuries: stacked the bike yesterday, bloody mess of a knee, no trips to hospital though, unlike last week…

Children lost: 1

Children found: 1

Overall, we are hanging on in there. Oh, and the husband cleaned the bathrooms yesterday. Third time in 12 months. I call that a bonus!

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