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Gin and tonic time – the Marrakech Chronicles episode 1

Posted on Jul 11, 2016 | 10 comments

We’ve just got back from our first ever ‘fancy’ holiday – by that I mean a hotel, taxi transfers, excursions and no staying with friends and family. We spent 9 days in Marrakech (during Ramadan, with the temperature topping out at 44 degrees). Wow! What an incredible experience. I’ve written a series of blogs on the whole trip from start to finish, which I’m going to publish over the next couple of weeks. Hope you enjoy them.

Episode 1 – Gin and tonic time – 19th June 2016

My husband flew on his own with the boys for the first time today and I am following on a later flight. Childless, but not stress free. This is mainly because I forgot that I had to pick the dogsitter up from a different airport and that meant that I would not actually be able to make the same flight as the rest of my family, who are starting their holiday in a nice leisurely fashion relaxing in a hotel at Gatwick before we fly to Marrakech tomorrow at 6.25am. I will arrive at the hotel at 1am, and then get up again at 4am. Hmmm.

In flight entertainment is totally bizarre. I am watching a surreal animated video without sound on my flight which involves a man whose nose looks like a penis giving the heimlich manouvre to a shark who spews up a crab with a purple head. I swear, I am not making this up. Nor am I drunk.

In fact, just after check in we got this message:

image1 (2)

Panic stations. No gin on the flight, I think, what will I do, I think, ok, calm down, buy a beer, message Angela, she understands about gin. I do both of these things and feel a bit better.

Upon boarding, I nearly had a spoilt brat type wobbler about needing to be parted from my wonderful fancy new Elvis and Kresse handbag because some heathen had put their wheelie trolley in MY space in the overhead locker. I am in aisle 1 darling. It is practically business class (we will overlook the fact that I am in fact flying Norwegian, which is Ryanair with newer planes).

And oh my word, the lovely man in charge of the plane has furnished me with gin and tonic, stowed my brand new handbag in a safe place and keeps smiling re-assuringly at me. I’m sure he thinks I’m mad. I bet they have a bit in their training manuals for crazy English women which reads 1. Give gin and tonic 2. repeat 1 etc

As soon as we take off, a couple start having a heated argument on the other side of the aisle. I inadvertantly look their way and want to look away, but the sun is a bright red ball sinking below the clouds and is mesmerising. I stare for longer than is polite, then avert my eyes back to the bizarre in flight entertainment (now featuring a caterpillar trying to escape from a jar) and wonder if it is possible to get another gin.

Pink Pear Bear


  1. Haha I would be devastated if I got a message saying no food and drink would be available – shock horror!!! Why did they say that then? Strange. The in flight entertainment sounds pretty crazy. I hope the rest of your trip was fabulous, sounds like an incredible experience for you all! #bigpinklink

  2. I got on a short flight once, in the evening, going straight out afterwards. I was going to miss the dinner but meet friends for drinks. I was sitting right in the middle and the drinks service started from both ends but both trolleys stopped just before my row as were were about to descend. I was (unreasonably) completely devastated at not getting a G&T. I nearly cried. So I feel your pain! 🙂

    • Ooh I am so glad I am not the only one who thinks G&T and flying are compulsory partners!

  3. You do seem to be handling these early hurdles well. I would definitely be smuggling something in up my sleeve. Lucky they found the gin. WIN! #chucklemums

  4. My airplane drink is a bloody mary. Has to be done! Thanks for linking up with #chucklemums

  5. I had a cider the last time I was on a plane. Even in the middle of the night it’s a tradition, booze must be imbibed. Glad you got your G&T! #chucklemums

  6. I’d love to hear your husband’s version of what the flight was like…! 😉
    I don’t do gin, but a glass of bubbly on a flight is always rather nice. I hope you got some nuts or something to keep you going.

    • Haha! I just asked him and he says he shamelessly plugged the boys into their tablets and did the same himself… Somewhere here there is a lesson for me about making life difficult for myself!!!

  7. Erm, what?! That can happen?! That would devastate me! Sounds a lot like the start to our holidays this! 🙂 Thanks for joining us at the #bigpinklink

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