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Back on the bike, Bridget style

Posted on Feb 7, 2016 | 2 comments

Let the February health kick commence… I know it’s a bit late and it is the 7th, but I have had to polish off all the beer, gin, crisps and biscuits in order to remove temptation. I am now ready. We got the bikes out today, mine had a flat tyre, so I had to go out on foot – for those of you who think this was the easy option, you are wrong! Pushing a grumpy 5 year old up a hill while he tries to apply the brakes because he is ‘going too fast’ while intermittently sprinting after the 7 year old to remind him he needs to slow down and at the same time stopping the dogs from trying to make friends with every other bugger out walking today is no mean feat. Therefore the half a chocolate muffin for elevenses was purely empty calories, because I had burned them all off already, right?

OK, well I admit, the husband did support with the pushing of 5 year old, but not the sprinting after 7 year old because he has man flu. Therefore I have had to try and be nice this weekend, which did drive me to purchase some beer, but it was Eko lager (ekologist = organic), so therefore good for me. And I only drank one and a half cans. I gave the other half to the husband mixed with ibruprofen, paracetamol and vitamin D tabs so I could send him back to sleep. I am a very good wife (and I can’t stand the sniffing).

By 9pm everyone was asleep, so I started to do some work, which required energy, so I made some cheese on toast. 3 slices. And I may have had another chocolate muffin.

I realise at this point that my life is starting to read like a Bridget Jones entry. Only with less wine and big pants.

OK I admit it, I am rubbish. Tomorrow is Monday, I will start again then.


  1. Glad to see you kept your sense of humour!

    • Thanks Jackie, I think it’s a mandatory requirement in my life!!

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